Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blogging shouldn't be such hard work, but......

I know that I may be the worst blogger in the world in terms of completing entries on a regular basis.  The original intent of this blog was to maintain a written form of communication with parents, students, and the community related to school events and educational issues.  I have FAILED miserably to do this.  I wish that I had some great excuses not to have maintained this site, but in reality, I don't.  I simply haven't made it a priority.  We all know, if we don't something a priority, it is really easy lose track of it.  That's what has happened here.  So, I ask for your forgiveness and ask for a second chance to try to do this better.

And....that's the great thing about education--we are all about one more chance.  When we return to school after our break next week, we will all return revitalized and ready to take on the last few weeks of school. With that energy, we have one more chance to connect with kids, support their efforts, and address skill development.  As parents, we have one more chance to work with teachers to discuss the importance of hard work, resiliency, and creativity and how vital it is to bring these traits to the forefront in whatever we do. 

We have one more chance to work to create the mindset needed to be successful in and out of school.  How important is having a growth mindset in your career?  I'd love to hear.

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